What Do I Mean When I Say Woo?

What the Fuck is Woo?

What are you talking about, lady?

The Scully’s of the World AKA The Skeptic’s Dictionary defines ‘Woo’ as

Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers.

Woo Fighters have a list of things from acupuncture to Qi that are considered Woo. That includes your morning horoscope.

However when I say Woo, I don’t mean everything on that list.

I would probably put myself on the Woo Woo Spectrum closer to Oprah and the Law of Attraction peeps than to the Ancient Aliens guy.

I am not losing sleep over chemtrails, but I love tarot cards for journaling.

I know this doesn’t cure cancer, but it sure is pretty!

One thing to understand about me is that I rely heavily on humor. I like the word Woo because I don’t take my spirituality very seriously. I pretty much dress CBT up as the Craft to help manage my anxiety.

I use a lot of woo concepts (typical New Age or Pagan) in my own meditation, self-care, and journaling routines. I love crystals, cards, and the overall aesthetic! Don’t worry, I still love science, believe in evolution, and advocate for vaccinations.

I don’t think the universe just hand delivers shit you want just because you made a vision board one day. I do think that you can train your brain to be more positive, emotionally regulating, and less self-sabotaging so you can achieve your goals. I just prefer my personal development to include pretty rocks.

In my Facebook group,  I have Woo Wednesdays and I ask folks what kind of self-care/meditation/Woo that they have done this week for personal development or goal setting. I also draw a oracle/tarot card for the week in my career inspo newsletter. Why? For kicks, really.

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I go more into my thoughts and definition of the word, Woo, in my video.

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