I help Creative, multi-talented, and Globally Conscious professionals who are looking for authentic career evolution.


Together we banish impostor syndrome, create resumes that resonate, and find the time to take the next step in your career. Don’t let your search for work/life balance stop at your personal life. Harness your unicorn career flow!


But, I hear you when you say that career development isn’t easy when you are adulting.
You know that you aren’t creatively fulfilled, engaged, or making the impact that you thought you would. Even after doing so much personal development, career development is confusing and overwhelming.

As a career specialist with dynamic practical experience in tech boot camps, colleges, and nonprofits; I help professionals like you:

  • Develop career mindsets


  • Write resumes and cover letters that resonate


  • Boost your interview confidence


  • Research local job markets


  • Craft authentic and aligned career strategies



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I help creatives, techies, artists, social workers, digital nomads, and quirky professionals create engaging resumes, clarify their ideal career goals, and become more confident in interviews.


How Can I Help You?


What Do I Believe?


I believe that anyone can design an aligned career. Because when you can take control of your career, you achieve more balance, professional development, and freedom to design your life.

What’s it like to work with me?


When you work with me, you have access to a career specialist experienced in unconventional careers, the modern job hunt, and the post-grad pivot. As we collaborate on your career strategy, I will guide you on confidence building, technical nitty-gritty of resume creation, and cover letter woes. Knowing me, I will also quote Star Wars at you.

What Can I Do For You?


By the time we are done together, you will have an authentic and tailored application package (resume/CV, cover letter, LinkedIn, elevator pitch, consistent visual branding) that is tailored towards your clarified and aligned career strategy. Check out the Work With Me page to see more about how I can help you find career alignment.

How Can I Help You?


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