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You can have authentic career evolution.

Authentic career evolution is finding out what you truly want to do and offer as a professional and going for it. Sounds simple. Its not. As anyone who has even made a vision board can tell you, its hard to know what we want. Especially if we are just winging it alone in our careers. Designing your career may require some elbow grease, but it is totally possible with the right tools, mindset, and strategy.

Hi, Sami here!

I help high-vibe professionals who are looking to banish impostor syndrome, attract alignment, and find the time.

If you’re a multi-talented, driven, and socially conscious creative, with a vision bigger than themselves, who wants to level up your career, then learn more About Me. Check out this page and the rest of my website to get tips, tricks, and tools to empower your next career adventure.

If you are a EdTech startup or entrepreneur who want to bring today’s career development skills to your students, please check out my For Startups page. I am experienced in working remotely, Agile, and adapting job seeker instruction to diverse fields.

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Tools For Upleveling Your Career

  • LinkedIn: Its your online business card and best tool for researching local networks.
  • Journaling: Whether you are exploring the shadows of your brain or just jogging down your to do lists, writing down your goals, tasks, impressions, and notes can increase you productivity. I am currently obsessed with bullet journaling so a dot grid notebook and gel pens are required. These are affiliate links because I want to get a kickback from Amazon for getting you addicted to bullet journaling. Mostly so I can get more money for bullet journaling supplies. Like Washi Tape!
  • Business Cards: Moo or Vista Print can hook you up with affordable business cards. Resist the urge to get 1,000s.
  • Careeronestop: Free career resources sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • This site is great for researching companies from interview questions to former employee reviews.
  • Check out my blog for more tools, tips, and tricks for career development.

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